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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  October 12, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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buoy went to the blood center. he said after donating blood he experienced searing pain in his arm and shoulder. >> three weeks later it blossomed into a bone infection. and i had surgery on may 6th and may 9th to remove part of my collar bone. >> stanford paid bills which buoy said cost close to $100,000. >> they knew they caused it and promised they'd pay for it. they paid for surgery but after that they started sending bills. >> he says stanford stopped paying post op bills. he was never told why. buoy expects to have more surgery and says he still has pain and complications resulting from the bone damage called osteomyelitis. he ended up suing stanford and hospital and blood center. stanford declined a request for interview issuing a statement saying the lawsuit has no merit.
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the blood center says it quote uses single use needles and that this type of infection is rare and to our knowledge has been never been associated with a blood donation. askedding -- adding the center confirms with safety regulations. his lawyer discovered some of the blood had been sold for research. he says they uncovered documents revealing that the center was selling donor blood to research firms on a regular basis. >> the crux of the lawsuit is that stanford blood center misrepresents what they do with people's blood and misrepresents the fact that they make a lot of money out of your blood donations.. >> it's like getting kicked in the stomach. >> he says the revelation was shocking. he says he began donating 20 years ago after being told there was a critical need for his blood type. >> i'm cmv negative donor.
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this means my blood gets used for premature infants. and so from the beginning that is why i was told where it went. >> buoy showed us this letter telling him just how much his blood was needed to make a difference in childrens lives. nowhere in the letter wooz a mention of using it for research or making a profit. >> i was told my blood is going and i would get e mails and letters and shows stories of children whose lives were being saved or helped by, with my blood. so i just felt betrayed. >> stanford's statement did not respond to buoy's charges but said costs associated with operating the nonprofit center come from a sale of blood products and services to hospitals and research centers. that all revenues are used to support chairitable services of the blood senter or the school of medicine.
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christopher buoy is suing for medical njs, fraud, misrepresentation and breech of contract. the trial set for april of next year. vic lee abc 7 news. >> we'll follow that. thank you very much. in oakland major fallout from a recent occupy protest two. police officers may be fired in one demoted because of how they handled demonstrators. we are live in oakland tonight. the city had mer than what? a thousand complaints about how police behaved?. >> more than 1100. now, an investigation was done and this is the sum marie report. four pages. the chief of police says that 42 officers did not follow police procedures. these, by the way were all occupy oakland related demonstrations. again, 42 officer dz not follow procedure. most were minor like not turning on video recorders which is required but others included excessive force.
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the chief said it was an oakland police officer who fired a bean bag which hit the iraq war veteran scott olsen. in all there were more than 1100 complaints like mentioned before. now, here is deputy chief sean wents. >> when people make allegations of misconduct we take it seriously. we investigate it. where we are wrong we'll hold officers accountable. >> now here is what chief jordan is recommending. that two officers be fired, one demoted. three undergo counseling and training. 15 be suspended for 30 days. 23 receive written reprimands. mayor kwan reyachted to the report. she was not in oakland during the first crack down which happened on october 25th. now, the police officer union says kwan is also to blame.
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>> this is what i wanted. i wanted the oakland police to be able to look at itself and discipline itself. everyone knows i was not happy the day after october 25th. >> city leaders are apalled. notice there is no discipline for them. they lowered it to the officers who are out there trying the best they can to serve the community. >> the two officers that could be fired, they're now on paid leave. now there is a process that needs to be followed such as a hearing and final approval will come from the city administrators. live in oakland abc 7 news. >> thank you. police and fire personnel say slow response times are putting peoples lives in danger. it's a story you'll see only on abc 7 news, plea responded to a officer-involved shooting at cal train station then
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notified of an altercation outside of a check cashing office where a man was down. paramedics did make it there but had to wait until police arrived and determined the scene was safe. the victim died. >> this is frustrating. we are trained and from the day we start training. to help people. just to sit there with idle hands is excruciating at times. >> regulation states crews may not enter a phone shallly dangerous scene until police declare it secure. >> a husband and wife arrested in seattle for a west coast crime spree have been named suspects in the murder of a retired hercules schoolteacher. the 24-year-old darnell and tonya washington were in court today for a bail hearing. arrested wednesday driving a stolen car of suzy ko of hercules, ko found stabbed to death inside of her home. police believe the couple
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killed ko then stole the car. >> after interviews with the subjects and reviewing items recovered from mrs. ko's car they feel we can confidently refer to these people as suspects. >> the washingtons remain behind bars at the king's county jail. bail set at $3 million for the wife but denied for the husband. hercules police plan to file murder and auto theft charges next week. >> the san joaquin county sheriff not admitting mistakes after a possible mix up of human remains sending the remains of joanne hobson to her mother. they were discovered in a well. the mother was suspicious and had seen massive back hoes dig through the well. she sent the bones for analysis. turns out a three-inch bone was mixed in with her daughter's remains. the sheriff says it's not his fault. he entrusted a forensic analyst.
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>> i'm calling this a mistake. these are professional people. i believed they'd be and do the appropriate thing. we're not stopping. we're going to continue to search. we're going to continue to work on the location that's have been pointed out to us. we have done some others and we'll continue to work this. >> police have now contacted the mother of missing hayward girl michaela garecht. she vanished 24 years ago at age nine. they told her the bone belongs to someone in the same age range as michaela. the fbi will be handling all future digs related to this case. >> a serious fire in san francisco left behind a real mess tonight. it broke out before dawn this morning in a restaurant on west portal avenue and spread fast. abc 7 news is there live tonight with the story. wayne? >> dan there are no deaths and no serious injuries but this is a major disruption in a hub. a special san francisco neighborhood. behind me, what remains is a restaurant of two businesses
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behind it. the muni station is running again. but this morning the whole place was a blaze. good news for commuters in san francisco west portal district is that trains are running again. bad is visible outside of the window. a mess of soot, smoke, and water. at least three small businesses in the area. >> i'm hoping they reopen. >> the fire began before dawn in what used to be a squat and gobble restaurant. the flames did not squat. they gobbled into walls spreading quickly to two other buildings. no easy task for firefighters. >> high sealings. wood frame. >> and building in an era with less stringent codes. the flames burning so hot, firemen had to retreat for a while. then just pouring water on it. darkness yielded to dawn, then,
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day to despair for owners of small businesses like this war bar. shells of pinots, cab asks chardonnays. there leonard ward owned half of the building. he began doing other don'tics upstairs in 1966. >> taking care of patients is the loss. >> sharon thought all about the history here. >> this is my dad. >> she owns the other half of the building. >> this is a lot of memories. peoples's livelihoods. >> a vital corner in a small town style neighborhood. a special place even if just passing through every day. now you're looking at a live picture of the restaurant again with rush hour and san francisco fire detectives. fire people still standing by. that is standard at this point. just keeping an eye on it at this point. there are five apartments
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affected. their residents were evacuated this morning. however, they will be sleeping in their own beds tonight. reporting live from west portal district wayne freedman abc 7 news. >> thank you wayne. >> still to come tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00 recently retired space shuttle inching along in the streets of los angeles. we're live tonight as endeavor embarks on a slow l.a. road trip. >> i'm spencer christian. there are lingering clouds and sunnier days coming our way. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up in just a moment. >> later tonight a possible new break through. the first time ever some paralysis patients are regabing sensation in legs.. >> next time your car breaks down call a mechanic that makes house calls.
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this is a picture of the month. want to show you five pictures of the space shuttle endeavor inching along the streets of los angeles tonight on its way to museum where it will be on display. >> they're in the process of trying to move this on to some dollies. it's going to go over an overpass on the 40 5 freeway. they have to take it off the system it's been on. then a trick up truck is going to haul it over the 405 so they're in the process of making this transfer now. it's been at this location a couple hours. >> it's going to stay there for a little while longer to continue this process. let's show you the map to give you an idea. this is an la cienega and manchester where the 405 hits. it's not far from l.a.x. airport. >> about half of the journey now because where that 405 intersecretaries the yellow line goitsing to take until tomorrow at 9:00 p.m.
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to reach the museum. there are great images from today. the shuttle was making this very tight squeeze through the streets of los angeles. >> they removed something like 400 trees to make way for the shuttle. it's a giant wingspan. so passageway was wide enough. they had to left power lines and as a result various neighborhoods some people are losing power temporarily as they move it towards a final place of display. >> you can see what a crowd it has drawn tonight. exciting to watch this spectacular endeavor traveling more than 120 million miles now making a final 12 mile journey. >> and used to scream along through space now it's inching along at two miles per hour on land. it's very exciting. only in l.a. picture. >> on to baseball now. a's season has ended and giants still alive. now, we're waiting to find out who it will be that they'll
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face in the championship series. >> that is right. it will be st. louis cardinals or washington nationals. right now cardals zero, nationals, three. live in walnut creek tonight with laura anthony. your team is out but they have nothing to hang their heads about. >> i'm not talking to you guys. no. there is nothing to hang our heads about. not for a's fans. not for players. and there are statements made today but now all eyes are turned to the bay area's other amazing success story. the san francisco giants. san francisco giants fans had their hands full today gearing up for the next step in their team's incredible playoff run. >> just looking for giants apparel. we're going to a halloween party. we'd love the giants and are excited about how they're playing. >> i think this is fine.
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>> besides orange and black gear some fans hoping to score tickets for the next round of the playoffs.. >> is it different to be there as opposed to watching at home? >> yes. the environment is different. the atmosphere is a lot better. >> there is still a question of who the team will play in the next round. and giants fans are watching game five. >> i would like to see cardinals just to come home for first two games and finish off the last two to get that far. >> in oakland johnny gomes and other a's players spent the morning cleaning out lockers and taking stock of all they've accomplished. >> played long enough, you know? there are a lot of teams not playing today. i don't know if they got ovation we got at the end. major league baseball is paying attention to how masterful the story was. >> amid their own champagne shower some paused to compliment the a's.
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>> they're a great team. it's why they're able to push this to gave five. >> in the end a's got a huge boost from loyal fans. >> i've been to this playoffs before. i've never heard this stuff. i've been to the world series and never heard this much noise. >> it was a great season. keep your head up. we'll come back next year. >> and we understand most a's players will be back next year and the coliseum authority has given owner a proposal to extend the team league for five years beyond 2023 -- 2013. it appears they will be there for that long even if they get permission to move. >> thank you, laura. >> what a great sport she sa's lose but she's donning giants orange. very good. let's talk about the weather forecast. kind of dreary out there. >> it's dreary a couple days but things going to get
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undreary, rather quickly. here is a live view looking at the western sky which is getting brighter now. the sun is going down. we have mostly cloudy skies over the vast expanse of the bay area. near the coast now we can see glimmer of hope for the weekend. let's take a look at live doppler 7 hd. you can see that we have extensive cloud cover now. with some breaks in the clouds of course. we're going see lots of sunshine this weekend. right now temperatures into low 60s. 58 degrees in san rafael. other locations reporting 60, 62. these are the forecast features. we'll see mostly cloudy skies tonight. by mid day tomorrow expecting partly sunny skies mainly sunny into afternoon. will be mild and warmer weather coming our way next week. big warm up starts sunday. satellite shows a departure of the low that brought us wacky weather. it's pushing rather far inland
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to our east at the moment. it's pulling some low level moisture off the ocean into bay area. into the form of clouds we're not having any measurable precipitation. farther north and west we have this weak cold front moving generally into our direction. may not bring us precipitation. we'll start at 7:00 this evening and during next 24 hours we'll see that system moving inland to our north. we'll see clouds passing through into overnight hours. by mid day should be clearing out and sunnying up until afternoon. mainly sunny skies into warming that begins tomorrow afternoon. first let's take a look at overnight lows. early morning lows dropping into low to midz 50s foremost of the bay area. there will be extensive clouds at that time. north bay valleys lows into upper 40s. tomorrow afternoon, different picture. we've seen south bay highs under mainly sunny skies. low to mid-70s. 73 in cupertino.
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72 redwood city. low 60s on the coast. downtown san francisco 66 degrees tomorrow. 672 in the sunset district. north bay mid-70s. 74 santa rosa. 74 napa. east bay oakland high of 69 tomorrow, 71 union city. there is 76 in livermore, and antioch. 75 in concord and near monterey bay. we'll see low 70s in watsonville and santa cruz. inland mid-70s. there is the accu-weather forecast. big warm up. we start monday and tuesday low 80s inland. by mid week next week we'll see high temperatures inland around 90 degrees. mid to upper 80s around the bay. mid-70s on the coast. it's beach weather. >> yes. it is. >> things looking good. >> thank you. >> we're going to continue to follow the progress of the space shuttle tonight. >> the retirement parades through the streets of los
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federal government accelerating removeal of decaying ships from the bay area. today the department of transportation said it's disposed of 36 ships from sassoon bay. three more scheduled for
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recycling by year's end. remaining 21 should be gone within five years. sassoon bay is one of three locations where the government stores its mothball fleet. >> the obama administration is setting its aside 300 acres in california to build solar powered plants. it's a new approach for the federal government which allowed jerls to choose where they wanted to put renewable energy plants. the administration will designate public lands with fewer wildlife for development. >> a san jose community group asking city officials to help struggling schools with low scores. the organization held a meeting today and county education officials. the group wants the city to push forward with a 3-year-old initiative to eliminate the achievement gap by year 2020. reports show progress has been slo. they see charter schools as a solution. mayor reid is a supporter. >> we need to support the schools. the charter schools play an
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important role, i think in continuing to build the opportunities for all of our kids. >> there is some progress made in closing the gap in english. there is a significant jump. >> as we continue tonight at 6:00 your voice, your vote. we'll bring you a fact check on the vice presidential debate last night. how much was true and how much was malarky? >> and public utilities commission says no to a pg&e plan to force customers to pay for an expensive pipeline upgrade. >> phase two of a ro jekt trance forming a doyle drive
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more than 51 million people watched last night's vice presidential debate. joe biden and paul ryan went at it pretty good but were they accurate? mark matthews is here with a fact check tonight. >> abc 7 news at 4:00 we
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looked at statements over embassy security, taxes and unemployment. but there is so much more malarky. a big part of the debate over medicare. >> medicare and social security going bankrupt these are facts. >> fact check, congressman ryan is right. the funds will run out of money but that is only if all moving parts remain the same which has never happened. congress has made changes in order to keep the programs going. >> they got caught with their hands in the cookie jar turning medicare into a piggy bank for obama care. their own actuaries said one out of six hospitals and nursing homes are going to go out of business because of this. >> he said 15% could become unprofitible but add td policy could be monitored to keep hospitals and nursing homes from going out of business. and paul ryan's budget proposed the same $716 billion
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in savings. on attacks of benghazi that took the live of chris stevens vice president pled ignorance. >> we weren't told they wanted more security there. we did not know they want mord sek tie fact check? joe biden is wrong this, week state department officials testified they asked for more security and were denied. the white house said mr. biden was speaking for himself not the administration. on iran's nuclear ambitions. >> when barack obama was elected they had enough material nuclear material to make one bomb now they have enough for five. >> fact check? ryan is wrong. iran built up the supply but none of it is weapons grade. and experts say the u.s. would likely no well in advance if iran tried to enrich it for use in a nuclear bomb but this back and forth over whose facts to believe is not what will decide the election says bruce cane.
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he believes voters will be move bid what is ahead. >> going to be decided on which vision of how to proceed going forward is the one that the american public wants. so it's -- facts have to be marshaled under a larger theme. both sides have to do better than they have he believes both need to articulate that vision. what happened last night just raises stakes for the next debate. >> yeah. >> it does. on that subject you'll be back for another fact check next week. the next debate will be on tuesday. the president and mitt romney meet in hofstra university in new york. this will be a town hall format. abc 7 will carry it live tuesday at 6:00 p.m. >> california public utilities commission commission is blaming pg&e mismanagement for rejection of a plan to have ratepayers foot most of the bill for fixing pipelines. pg&e said customers should pay 90% of the cost. p.u.c. plan cuts that to 36%. under the p.u.c. proposal pg&e could have to
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pressure test miles of pipeline and install 228 automatic shut off valves. shareholders would pay for cost overruns but ratepayer advocates claim the fine print would have them cutting more than half of the cost of the overhaul that comes from the pipeline explosion n a statement pg&e said it's disappointed and adds that its plan was designed to be as economical as possible. >> the trens formation of the old doyle drive into new presidio parkway is entering its second phase. work on the connector to the golden gate bridge is centered near the palace of fine arts. as abc 7 explains this time it will be years before it's finished. there is traffic flowing in both directions on the new elevated section of doyle drive. face two of the project will
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build another roadway alongside the new one where the old structure sits now. when completed the side by side bridges as shown in this animation will carry three lanes of traffic into each direction with shoulders there is -- this is as good as grand slam, i think. you know how long this has been in the cooker so to speak. >> much was demolished in april. remaining structure will be torn down beginning before the end of the year taking three to four months. phase two will be including construction of multiple tunnels changing the view of the bay and access to it from the presidio main post. this phase is a $1.4 billion project being built thanks to new state legislation allowing a public private partnership. this segment of the replacement project is the first of its kind. and nancy pelosi says the new
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parkway is the perfect step following transformation to urban national park. >> it's like where you get a new set up. you decide we need a new rug and paint. and we're like doyle drive. we've been trying forever. to do something about doyle drive. not a safe place. >> the 76-year-old roadway was an example of the state's aging transportation infrom a structure, much of the money came from one time sources of stimulus money. caltrans director doherty says these days transportation funding is hard to come by. >> we have to be specific on priorities and have to look at the creative on how to fund projects. and there is a public private partnerships will be a part of that solution. >> there is more still to come
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tonight. a remarkable break through. >> thanks to stem cell research paralysis patients feeling
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bay area stem cell researchers are reporting encouraging results tonight. the first involves patients paralyzed with spinal cord injuries and a treatment that could offer hope for the future, nearly 20 years after the football injury roman read
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holds on to the hope he'll some day walk again. >> 100%. >> he now runs a foundation to promote stem cell research and has been watching a clinical trial that's goal is to restore motor function. >> we're on the road to being able to cure paralysis. it's important. stem cells are the way to do it. >> you can see this is the area of injury. >> this doctor says the test procedure begins with a two-hour surge troy clear a path to the spinal cord. >> the first three patients in the trial were zibed -- designed to enroll the worst of the worst injuries. loss of sensory function and motor function below the level of the injury. >> trials about establishing safety. the six months out, researchers began measuring intriguing improvements among
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two of the three patients. both reported feeling below the areas of injuries. the company cautions data is preliminary. but they say researchers were able to measure improved response using several testing methods including electrical stimulation and response to heat which are considered more accurate than a patient's own reporting. >> you can't fake that. right? so that is when we started to see the data we became excited. >> the technique had shown preliminary success in animal models. in this video a mouse is barely able to move back leg buzz after being treated with the stem cells the animal regained normal gait. the ceo believes success in early trials could move research ahead at a faster pace. >> and in the world of clinical trials human data trip cali trumps animal data.
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>> in july they approved funding to begin a more advanced trial with uc irvine. that could concentrate on the neck, the common area for spinal cord injuries. the same injury that left roman read with a prognosis of never walking again. >> i didn't accept that then. i don't accept it now. stem cells, research are the way that we will be cured. >> there is encouraging news from a second trial as well. also involving stem cells inc and researchers there injected stem cells into children with a deadly brain condition that destroys insulation around nerve pathways. the team found the transplanted stem cells generated fresh myelin and noticed some improvement in newer logical function. >> that is fascinating. >> there is a great idea coming up next no more need to take the car into the shop.
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now you can have it fixed at work, even home.
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back now tloif los angeles
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you're looking at the shuttle endeavor sitting on the streets of los angeles this is manchester boulevard near la seen ga. shuttle teams -- i shouldn't say shuttle teams the teams involved in moving the shuttle are getting ready to move it on to dollys so it can go above the 40 5 freeway. >> they're moving it through over the next two days, as you look at video of it inching along. the final resting place will be a museum in los angeles. you can see they had to cut down something like 400 trees.. >> yes. >> and raze power lines because it's close in many areas on this journey. >> this is remarkable to watch. there is one man holding a computer and a joy stick and he's responsible for the movement with feed back from the team around it. but it's a tight squeeze. and has been fun to watch it
6:46 pm
has and that is an amazing picture. they're going to move it at about 11:00 tonight and should be at the museum... >> not until 9:00 tomorrow night is the plan. slow-moving journey. >> and this used to go 17,000 miles in space. >> next time the car breaks down, you can let the garage come to you. that is the idea for a company that just won a major prize for efforts to change the face of auto repair. >> your mechanic is a car repair company. but about the only man yule labor is when the ceo carries this trophy across the room. his company just won the tech crunch disrupt competition for moving auto repair into the clouds. >> you don't have to go anywhere or ask for a ride. just go on line. a mechanic shows up.
6:47 pm
>> there is repair work happens in your driveway or office parking lot. for ej it's way better than dealership. >> you know we sit in the waiting room with terrible coffee and whatever. and or take like a awkward shuttle ride to work with them in their shuttle or something. you know? destroy half a day or whole day. >> mechanics are independent contractors but they don't set their own prices. this web site sets a fixed price analyzing records from thousands of similar repairs. you choose based on reviews or schedule. and the web site does the rest. >> this mechanic claims three quarters of the time it can figure out what is broken and what parts to order. the rest of the cases mechanic uses a mobile app to order. they use a seven inch tablet
6:48 pm
to order parts and log hours. the data base gets smarter. and this idea seems smart. he never has to touch a cash register. >> just me fixing cars. i don't worry about doing anything else. >> for starters your mechanic is just in silicon valley but in three months rolling out everywhere else. >> in mountain view abc 7 news. >> that is an idea right there it is. >> let's check in now with the man full of ideas.. >> yes. spencer christian. >> there is a lime lapse view this afternoon looking at northwestern sky. clouds moving through the bay area today like yesterday. but without rain. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd. we still have a lot of cloud cover going to be with us before getting clearing. by mid day we'll see mainly sunny skies and certainly milder weather. highs tomorrow will be ranging
6:49 pm
from low 60s at the coast to mid-70s in the mildest inland locations. 76 in fairfield and livermore. 76 in clear lake. down in morgan hill, 76 degrees. here is a look at the accu-weather forecast. we have a warm up sunday, monday, highs upper 80s by mid week. 90 degrees inland. mid-80s around the bay. mid-70s on the coast. weather should be warm for the niners seahawks game thursday at candle stick park. just six days to go before giving away $49,000. there is edgar and david from san francisco have entered by going to our facebook page. there is plenty of time for you to enter. go to and click on the button that says win
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$49,000. winner announced after the niners game against seattle right here on abc 7 next thursday at 5:00. >> thank you, spencer. >> which team stood between 49ers and super bowl next year?
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join me tonight at 9:00 coming up then, google in the cross hairs at 9:00 a government tips its antitrust investigation against a mountain view company. >> then at 11:00 and a turf war with 50 years and a 93-year-old woman from the south bay has her college degree. we'll have the story its at 9:00 and 11:00. >> that is a good story. >> not as good but a's played really hard. >> i know. today they're cleaning out lockers. >> it is kind of a downer. if you look at the beg picture it's a good story. nobody would have imagined they'd have six walk off wins. and there is some of green and gold magic. justin burlander had a position called 97 miles per
6:54 pm
hour fast ball. tigers move on and today a's cleaned out lockers heading home for winter. coco chris won a world series with boston in 2007. he said this year was more memorable. >> this was the most fun i've had in my career. playing this game. this year i'm grateful for bringing me back and allowing me the opportunity to be a part of a special moment in my career. >> 25 guys. this coaching staff. 25 guys, plus. brought baseball back to oakland. >> game five, yankees benched alex rodriguez. no a-rod no, problem. curtis granderson going deep into the 7th. and cece sab batha three run shut out. giants in cincinnati wait tg
6:55 pm
see who they're going play next. it will be sunday, 5:15 p.m. if nationals beat st. louis game one will be in washington, d.c.. nationals leading now. there is a projection of a nationals victory if cards win game one. write it down. lock it up. only thing that stood in the way of niners and super bowl last year was new york giants. they run adding fuel to the rivalry. comments made by kevin gillbride said niner defensive lineman gets away with murder holding opposing offensive lineman. jim harbau fired back and called comments absurd. i had to sit down with him to get his thoughts on the giants giants. >> they came out here and beat us in our house so hats off to them. they're a good team with an elite quarterback. you know it's going to be a tough challenge.
6:56 pm
taste is still in my mouth. it s it really s i'm going to play the game. i'm going to play loose, under control. just go out there to do what i do. help the keem. -- team. >> raiders heading to atlanta to face falcons. 13 touchdowns three picks. raiders have not intercepted a single pass this season. dennis allen would like to change that. >> if you're able to win a game against a team like atlanta this provides a boost. confidence to your team. we've had a good week of practice. we understand there is a huge challenge going into atlanta this week. we'll see how things playout. >> 17 ranked stanford facing a squad that is its best start in a decade. fighting irish have not trailed in a single game this season. stanford's defense gave up 617 yards last week.
6:57 pm
this week they've got to stop the running game. >> it's a big riflery. i mean that is one of the games you have circled i'm sure the same thing for them. we will take this seriously. >> there are big guys with talent on the streets. they pose a lot of problems so it's going to be a challenge for us. >> huge top 20 match up when cal goes to washington state tomorrow. >> exciting times thank you. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news at 6:00. >> from all of us here at abc 7 news thanks for joining us. >> we appreciate your time. one last look now darkness one last look now darkness falls in los angeles.
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this is "jeopardy!" let's meet today's contestants -- a bookstore manager from new york, new york... administrative assistant from north hollywood, california... ...and our returning champion, a history professor om milan, michigan... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" --


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